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With the use of specialist diagnostic equipment, faults within the engine management system can be effectively traced. All modern vehicles have at least one ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which constantly monitors ignition and fuel systems via sensors. This enables the vehicle to self adjust the ignition, fuel and air mixture to produce optimum engine performance at all times and reduce exhaust emissions.

With most engine diagnostics, a good technician will know that not all faults can be rectified by replacing the said sensor. More times than often, we find that faults stored in the ECU can actually be triggered by another sensor failing or even faulty wiring leading to the sensor. At Blue Garage we carry out in depth investigation before replacing any sensors – significantly reducing your repair bill.


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Vehicles have lots of moving parts and moving parts are prone to occasional breakdown. Of course, the usual suspects are clutches, gearboxes, head gaskets, electrics, brakes and steering, but any moving part in your vehicle could suffer from a mechanical failure at any time. Should your vehicle suffer from a breakdown, you need someone local who has the necessary skills to diagnose and repair it.

Blue Garage specialise in repairing all types of problems on all types of vehicles, no matter what the fault is. The aim of our skilled technicians is to have your vehicle repaired and returned to you as soon as possible, all at a fair transparent price – both parts and labour.

Why use Blue Garage for your mechanical repairs?

  • Extensive knowledge working on a wide range of manufacturers (petrol & Diesel)
  • Quick turnaround on all types of vehicle repairs
  • All parts and labour guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months on new parts
  • Replaced parts kept to show you – at your request
  • A free vehicle health check – for your peace of mind
  • provision to take your vehicle in outside of opening times


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Winston runs his own garage for many years and is well liked for his know-how, experience and friendly personality.

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Winston moved to the current premises in Gaerwen in July 2017.

August 1, 2017

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